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Start Reading Chinese on your own
CUBEBooks teach you to read
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How It Works

ChineseCUBES is committed to teaching you Chinese. We know that each person has different needs and wants to learn on different platforms at different times: computer, tablet, peer-to-peer, freestyle, or guided lessons. We understand, we are people too!

Our ecosystem of products tries to meet you where you are and teach you how you want to be taught. Each functions completely on its own and at the same time each part of our system connects, supports and reinforces the other parts of the system. And we are constantly adding to it, with your help we hope to add more ways to help you learn. Right now we are excited to offer these exciting ways:



Since the beginning of time we have learned through stories. That’s why we made CUBEBooks, so that learning can be more fun, more contextual, more natural.

Even if you have never read a word of Chinese in your life, CUBEBooks will get you started as soon as you download one. See Chinese characters in the context of stories. Touch the characters and they come to life, teaching the meaning of each, how to pronounce them, how to write them, how to translate them, or just sit back and let the stories be read to you. Each book comes with learning activities and games to practice what you learned and test your learning in a fun way!


AR Cubes

Augmented Reality Cubes are a fun, hands-on way to learn Chinese. Place these real world tactile cubes in front of a computer and they come to life, teaching you Chinese. Your own at home Chinese teacher.

They are great for kids to feel like they can really “handle” Chinese and have fun with it. They are a great way for adults to “break the ice” with learning and even share it with their families, through learning based games, and software-led lessons that start from the ground up.

AR Cubes are available through our site and in local stores. And can teach you up to 30,000 phrases and sentences with only 200 physical cubes.


Student Portal

Login to ChineseCUBES and open a portal to your own learning process. Chat live with other learners, take tests, earn badges to track your progress, keep your learning journey all in one central place and expand your learning wherever you are on the ChineseCUBES Student Portal.



Our Video Series makes learning easy. Short, concise and focused, they ensure you learn how to read, write and pronounce everyday words and phrases.

Native Bi-lingual Teachers guide you through learning, step-by-step, in short 30 Second lessons.

Animated Video Cubes rotate to show you the Chinese Character and how to write it in the correct stroke order, the Pinyin pronunciation, and the English translation.

Learning Chinese has never been this easy. Watch for free, learn for free, share with your friends.

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