Each one of us learned our own mother-tongue language through books and stories, our parents and teachers were smart, they knew that stories were the most enjoyable, engaging, and most effective way to learn.

We believe the same thing!

CUBEBooks allows you to learn Chinese through fun stories at every level. Even if you haven’t learned a single word in Chinese yet, CUBEBooks will teach you!

From Zero Level learning to primary to advanced, there are CUBEBooks for you. Search our titles by level or by interest and get started reading today!


How they work:

Download a CUBEBook and tap your way to fluency.

See the Chinese words in context, hear them read to you in authentic mother-tongue pronunciation, touch the Chinese characters with your finger and see the words spring to life, spin them around to reveal the English translation, or the Pinyin (phonetic pronunciations). Break the characters apart for deeper interactions with them. See how they are written stroke by stroke, try reconnecting them in the correct order.

Then practice your learning with fun activities. See what words you remember, practice writing characters, and test your newly learned skills.


Our Vocabulary Series covers all the basic day to day words you need to learn to have an authentic and effective vocabulary.

The great thing about our Vocabulary Series is that each one comes in 3 levels all for the same price: Words, Phrases, and Sentences.

These 3 levels allow individual learners to grow their learning over time, first learning nouns, then accompanying adjectives, then how to use them in complete sentences.

For schools, families, or groups with multiple levels of learners, these 3 levels really help facilitate classroom management (or “Livingroom Management” for families) allowing different age and different level learners to learn together at various speeds, while still literally staying on the same page.

Vocabulary Series

Our lessons start at the very beginning for zero level learners and guide learners forward level by level towards fluency.

With contextual story settings to learn in, each lesson teaches you the basic vocabulary and phrases you need. Reinforcing with guided practices, authentic real-world materials and examples, complete written and oral practices.

Each lesson works on its own, but is also connected to our Vocabularies and Readers for deeper learning experiences. Our Lessons are made to meet your learning needs, to support ACTFL Levels of Proficiency and I Can Statements. Our Lessons are a perfect place to start learning and building towards fluency.


The Readers Series helps grow your phrase vocabulary, teaching phrases in lexical sets, for easier verbal recall and stronger memory patterns.

They are fun, easy, helpful and an essential part of building your reading and speaking skills. Work your way through all of them, or pick and choose areas of interest. Keep checking back as we add more and more readers, building your core knowledge from the ground up.

Readers Series

Our Stories range from Novice, Low all the way to Advanced level reading. They are real world stories written by real world authors that teach Chinese right in the context of the story.

Just touch the Chinese characters and they spring to life to help teach you in the context of compelling stories.

Our Stories Series, as well as the Readers, are designed to help you learn Chinese, but they are also designed to help you teach Chinese as well. Good teachers engage their students in the book before they ever read a single word, by covering up the words and asking their viewers what they think the book is about. We built our Stories to make that easy for you. Each comes with a “picture book” where you can see the same story without a single word to encourage creative thinking, engagement and student investment in the story before starting.

The Story Series also has a “Read to Me” function to simply hear the book read aloud straight through, and finally the “Learn by Myself” function allows you to hear the page being read aloud and then breaks down the Chinese characters for you to interact with and learn character by character.


Our Business Lesson series is a quick start guide to learning Chinese in a business context. It works well with all of the ChineseCUBES ecosystem to make for a greater understanding of the language as a whole, but they also function as a way to get your business basics down quickly and effectively.

Start with basic business phrases for your first office interaction in Chinese and work your way up to more complex business language and typical contextual business situations.

Business Series

Learning language through song is as old as time itself, but it’s never been newer than with CUBEBooks. Hear familiar songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or traditional Chinese children’s songs sung in native tongue Chinese with our Song Books Series. Watch the Chinese characters illuminate when sung as they “karaoke” across the screen. See the song in beautifully illustrated context for greater understanding and stronger memory recall. Touch the Chinese characters and watch them spring to life in the CUBEBook format. Spin the cubes around to learn the pronunciation, meaning and how to write them. Separate the cubes to drill down, learning the song one character at a time. Practice reassembling the cubes back into complete phrases. Most of all, sing along and have fun learning Chinese.

Song Books Series

CUBEBooks Comic Series is a fun and memorable way to learn Chinese idioms. All languages are full of their own sayings and learning Chinese idioms in a comic format is a great way to improve your language skills and learn enjoyable popular sayings. Start learning fun sayings and basic phrases in context with Hao Aidu and his cast of friends.

Comic Series