Using AR technology and a webcam, our software can identify the AR markers on the cubes and recognize what characters are being used and in what order. Together, the cubes and the software produce interactive audio and visual content on the computer screen to teach the learner how to SPEAK, TRANSLATE, WRITE, and, most importantly, how to use these Chinese characters.
AR Cubes
200 Cubes combine to make over 30,000 commonly used Chinese phrases and sentences

Designed for beginners of all ages, ChineseCUBES is an easy to use language learning program designed to teach Chinese character by character.

Chinese is easier than most people think.

Chinese has the unique trait of being composed of "block characters." Learn the foundational characters and it becomes quite easy, as simple as putting the blocks together in logical order — the goal of ChineseCUBES.

With ChineseCUBES learning Chinese is fun!

ChineseCUBES eliminates the fear of learning Chinese Characters and is a more effective method than traditional learning. You learn foundational characters, learn to combine those Characters into new words and phrases, and compound your learning into sentences.

Chinese Grammar is much different than most languages.

No need to conjugate verbs and deal with tenses, just stack characters together to build the sentence you want and communicate meaningfully without grammar mistakes.

Can I learn Chinese by myself?

OF COURSE! We built ChineseCUBES to do just that. The Learning Mode of ChineseCUBES takes you character by character towards fluency. Through Spiral Learning each character is taught in an interconnecting way, building on itself, compounding your learning while reinforcing your foundation with each lesson.

How did you pick 200 Characters from thousands?

We picked the most frequently used and most necessary characters. We also know that testing is important, so we selected from both China's new Chinese Language Proficiency Test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, abbreviated HSK) Level 1 vocabulary and Taiwan's Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) rudimentary level vocabulary to serve as the foundation of this teaching material, and aligned it all to ACTFL Standards.


The first 40 characters along with their corresponding lessons make up the Starter Pack.

These first 40 characters are fundamental to greeting people and asking questions, and are crucial to know in order to proceed to the next level—learning the additional 160 characters. The following 160 characters in the Booster Pack are categorized into 8 learning themes. The 8 themes are designed for learners to navigate authentic situations. While assessment is important, being able to use the language in real life is even more crucial. The 8 themes support ACFTL standards for practical, real-life content, conforming to the Standards of Foreign Language Education for curriculum design as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

What is AR anyway and why do I need it?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes learning come to life! Place a block in front of your computer and watch the Chinese Language pop up on screen. Hear mother tongue pronunciation and natural/authentic intonation. See how characters are written stroke by stroke. Learn to combine and translate.

AR technology superimposes computer-generated content onto the real world environment, making learning both digital and tactile, and giving immediate supporting audio visual feedback.