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As an educational tool, ChineseCUBES is perfect in a
classroom setting to start a Chinese program or to
supplement and be integrated into your existing
Chinese language learning curriculum.

We have been conducting pilot tests throughout the country with participating educators and schools
and welcome more teachers and administrators to conduct ChineseCUBES pilot programs with their students.

For more information, please contact:

Why use the ChineseCUBES system?

Because ChineseCUBES is the fun effective way to learn Chinese that puts your child/students
on the path to becoming literate in Chinese, paralleling and complimenting their oral proficiency.



  • Aligned with the ACTFL Proficiency Descriptions (Standards-Based).
  • Lessons are designed for non-native learners.
  • Characters are introduced comprehensively and specifically for novice learners (Comprehensible Input).
  • Designed to take learners from the novice-low (zero Chinese) to advanced-high proficiency level.


  • Built-in comprehension checks allow learners to feel accountable for their learning, and gauge progress.
  • Fun, age-appropriate assessments encourage learners to continue learning, providing feedback not only to the learner, but to parents and teachers as well.


  • Interactive, engaging and student centered lessons provide the perfect platform for students to build their proficiency in Chinese literacy.
  • Authentic texts allow the learner to engage with colorful, culturally rich and age appropriate materials to build literacy and confidence.
  • Differentiated instruction according to student readiness, interest and learner profile. Students progress at their own rate and choose between simplified or traditional characters, including use of pinyin and/or English.
  • Various learning methods are used throughout the program for kinesthetic, auditory, visual learner, and logical learners.

For Administrators:

The ChineseCUBES system provides everything your teachers need to build a comprehensive language learning program which can either compliment other base curriculums or be used as a stand-alone. From lesson planning to implementation support, ChineseCUBES is used to practice all modes of communication that support the Common Core State Standards communication strand and are aligned to the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages proficiency descriptions and to the The National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). ChineseCUBES offers teachers the support they need to help students of varying levels and backgrounds succeed and is designed to let students move at their own pace. Students are given the opportunity for additional practice on key concepts and vocabulary words that require added attention. Each student receives feedback on their progress so they can monitor their own learning. Students graduate prepared for real-world application of the language skills learned using ChineseCUBES.

For Teachers:

The ChineseCUBES system is a great way to not only pilot a Chinese program at your school, but it is also an ideal complement to enhance an existing one. The program comes complete with all the educational assets a teacher needs to implement a forward-thinking 21st century curriculum, with a comprehensive iPad lesson plan and model teaching examples. This student-centered method of learning is ideal for all types: FLEX, FLES, Immersion programs or After-School Programs. Lessons are broken down according to ACTFL proficiency levels.


Key features include:

  • Clear and easily understood pictures allow 95-100% use of target language
  • Isolated vocabulary practice makes producing tones and connecting
  • Pictures and sound meanings simpler
  • Scaffolded and Spiral learning approach
  • Oral language practice activities that can be used to introduce interpersonal communication tasks
  • Break-out sessions that help extend the learning at home or in the classroom
  • Guided practice with scaffolding support

The program is available in two formats:

  • ChineseCubes is a hands-on and engaging interactive learning kit featuring character cubes and a webcam which allows you to learn thousands of words and phrases using augmented reality technology. By combining various cubes, new and meaningful phrases are created, which are represented on screen in colorful pop-ups. Use it as a whole class activity or group learning stations where students get to practice learner autonomy on their own with built-in guided instructions.
  • Original and classic interactive ebooks available for download on iOS devices teaches Chinese vocabulary through digital books. This provides opportunities to expand on and extend contact time with the lesson’s key concepts/vocabulary. Class could be designed around an e-book to teach one or multiple lessons based on various e-book themes.